We’re so glad you want to read more!  We started out business in 2003, and have since worked on a wide range of projects including restaurants, offices, home remodels, public spaces and so much more.  We have been fortunate to work with many wonderful clients over the years including developers, architects, entrepreneurs and homeowners.  We aim to create world-class interiors that will stand the test of time – and have a good time while doing it.  Travis and Arielle are married with two children and live in Portland’s beautiful Alameda neighborhood.  Below you can find out a bit more about Travis, Arielle and the rest of our team that make the magic happen.

– Travis & Arielle


Arielle is fastidious about creating designs that are relevant, authentic and grounded.  She’s an exceptional listener and project leader, with a direct and respectful approach to communication.  Arielle’s cool-headed, creative problem solving ensures that our projects stay on track and true to the client’s vision. Portland native, NEP.


Liz has an education in Architecture and loves learning how things are built – which is showcased in her attention to detail. She appreciates the spirit of discovery in the design process and likes that behind good design there is always an equally good story. Though Liz has a soft spot for the desert of her hometown, Tucson, Arizona, she marvels at the lush Pacific Northwest and enjoys exploring its very different landscape.

Friendly and professional, Chelsea handles all of the multi-tasking, organizing and bookkeeping demands of our office with ease.  In 2013 she moved from the ‘other’ Portland (Maine) and is excited to be living in such a great city.

Travis is  a visionary designer, storyteller and creative thinker. Our clients benefit from his unflagging devotion to fresh, functional and inspirational designs. He brings the big picture into focus with a straightforward, conceptual approach. Travis is also resourcefully hands-on, frequently on site and ready to jump in to get the job done. He grew up alongside the mighty Mullet River in Plymouth, Wisconsin.