About Us

Weedman Design Partners is an interior design studio based in Portland, Oregon.

Weedman Design Partners is a full-service interior design studio that creates authentic spaces for residential and commercial clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon, we offer a full menu of consultative services, from concept development through construction documentation, procurement, installation and staging.

Our work is inspired by our clients: their history, their experiences, and — most importantly — their vision. In fact, getting to know our clients is the most essential aspect of taking on any new project. Our hands-on approach begins by forging a close partnership with our patrons, in which we collaboratively develop a fully-realized concept before shepherding the project from inception to completion.

Operating in the quadrant of modern design, we draw from an array of influences that range from minimalist to curated, eclectic modern. Our designs are simple and pure, utilizing clean palettes that complement textured raw materials such as steel, wool and wood. At heart, our spaces are, at once, both beautiful and accessible.

As a small firm with decades of collective experience, we offer the creative acumen of a boutique with the reliability and expertise of a larger firm. We see design as a vessel through which to tell a unique and personal story. Let us tell yours.

Arielle Weedman - Weedman Design Partners

Arielle Weedman

Owner and Partner

Since 2005, Arielle has worked closely with entrepreneurs and homeowners alike to design, plan and oversee the execution of their interior renovation projects. An artist at heart, Arielle is meticulous about creating designs that are relevant, grounded and authentic to each client. She’s an exceptional listener and project leader who utilizes a direct and respectful style of communication. Her cool-headed demeanor and ability to think outside the box ensure that projects stay on schedule and remain true to the client’s vision. Arielle is a proud Portland native.

Travis Weedman

Owner and Partner

Travis is a visionary designer, storyteller and creative thinker who thrives on accepting new challenges. Our clients benefit from his unflagging devotion to fresh, functional and inspirational designs. He has a unique ability to bring focus to each project with a straightforward, conceptual approach. Travis is also resourcefully hands-on; he’s frequently seen on-site getting his hands dirty with every aspect of a project. Though Portland is home, he grew up alongside the mighty Mullet River in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Travis Weedman - Weedman Design Partners