We all move through the world in our own way.

There’s now scientific evidence to support that how we experience our environment—at home or at work—gives shape to how we feel, our values and beliefs, self-image, what we generate or create, and inspire in those around us. The act of designing these physical worlds and lifestyles, is our passion. The work we do is a measured and intentional art that has its own rewards—beyond the beauty of the reveal. It’s a process. It’s sensible as much as it is sensate. It’s showing up with charcuterie and mood boards. It’s creating an atmosphere that evokes the values dear to each person, project or company. It’s a living space. A visual feast. A dance with imagination. It’s a space that creates a sense of openness and joy. A sense of place.

We are WDP. Portland-based placemakers since 2003, with trusted partners and clients, all over.

Meet the Team

Arielle and Travis Weedman

Arielle & Travis Weedman


Arielle’s an artist at heart, and is meticulous about creating designs that are relevant, grounded and authentic to each client. Left-brained balance means asking questions; bringing calm, focus, clarity and honesty to groups. Travis? His unflagging devotion to fresh, functional and inspirational designs. He has a unique ability to bring focus to each project with a straightforward, yet conceptual approach. Part optimist, part dreamer, Travis navigates a jobsite with a balance of humor and focus.


Travis grew up on the mighty Mullet River in Plymouth, Wisconsin where down-to-earth people call BS real quick. Arielle has experienced the weird, the wonderful and wild ride of Portland as a proud native who’s enjoyed watching Portland mature into the one-of-a-kind city it is. Together with their kiddos, Harry and Hazel, they call Portland home.


Arielle: “I have a semi-famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. People have lied, cheated and stolen to get my cookies.”
Travis: “I once created a series of 30, large-scale art pieces—one of which was purchased by the Director of Collections for the Portland Art Museum. That was fun.”


“We’re moving!” WDP just bought a beautiful property for their new digs. Located in NW Portland’s Alphabet district, the building will be an inspiring backdrop for the team’s work and a beautiful space for the community to gather. Look for your invite!


“We love working together. As cliché as that sounds, it’s how we function best in the world of design. Loathe? We’re not fans of ‘the big reveal’ you see so much of these days. As partners, it’s critical we bring our client along with us, start to finish throughout the process. We still love creating that magic of the moment though.”


“Ask us about our other life as cat-product designers.”

Matt Geiger

Architectural Designer

Matt has lived in the Northwest for over 15 years now. But it might be his Midwest roots that ground his strong sense of steadiness and calm when it comes to designing or leading projects—be it retail, event, residential, or commercial.

In any setting, his background in architecture makes Matt a good match for a range of projects that require deep understanding of the design and construction process—from residences, multi-family, wineries, and installations to a custom vehicle for a trade show, an accessories line, or retail stores for Nike. He’s an ace team member who’s comfortable working closely with construction and fabrication partners and consultants, talking shop with clients. Or water skiing on a nearby lake.

Before design (as in before age 20), Matt had jobs as an ice cream scooper, bike mechanic, and nursing assistant on an Alzheimer’s ward.

Best travel yet: Going to Sri Lanka, 6 months after the 2004 Tsunami. “Despite everything they were going through, they were some of the most wonderful and welcoming people I’ve ever met.”

Currently reading: Record of a Space-Born Few, by Becky Chambers


Pip Stevens

Interior Designer

Pip woke up one day in tech, and decided it was time to align her inspirations toward home building and interior design.

Previous to her time at WDP, she enjoyed the opportunity to live and work in iconic cities like Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, designing interiors for upscale, residential projects.

At the end of 2021, the prospect of Portland’s urban neighborhood charms, decent slopes, and lousy coastal weather, thankfully called her back home. Today, when she isn’t skiing or rediscovering her hometown, Pip is bringing positive energy, Marie Kando-level organization, and mad listening skills to our team and clients.

Favorite Restaurant on earth: Suppenkuche, in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. My favorite neighborhood spot that turned me on to my favorite cuisine—German food.

Currently listening to: Any podcast with “Scandal” in its title, and 90s RnB.

Denise Crain

Operations & Procurement Manager

Bio coming soon.

Gabriella LaBeaux

Interior Designer

Bio coming soon.

Ryan Kilgannon

Architectural Designer

Raised just outside New York City, forged in Raleigh, NC, and Cincinnati, OH, and now enjoying his best outdoor enthusiast-self, as a Portlander.

In New York, Ryan fell in love with the hiking trails around the Hudson River Valley, especially his favorite trail “Breakneck Ridge”.

While at NC State University he earned his degree in architecture where he developed his appreciation for contemporary design and sustainable architecture, as well as his love for the beaches of the Outer Banks, and Bojangles fried chicken and biscuits.

Working in Cincinnati opened Ryan’s eyes to the complexity of historic architecture, helping him to become a very detail-oriented designer—from digital 3D modeling to Construction Detailing. He also enjoyed venturing along the nearby Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

When he’s not out on the trails: You can find him attempting (and mostly failing) to repair his old ‘98 Acura Integra.

No-regrets big purchase: My new Trek Roscoe Mountain Bike